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Anne Lazarus is a psychologist with an F.S.P psychotherapist specialization


Anne's Services

Having successful outcomes and seeing progress is not always driven through the length of a psychotherapy. Having a good understanding of the needs and definition of the demand (why is the person wishing to consult) allows a relationship based on trust, harmony and in respect of each individual.

|| Psychotherapy

I consult with children, adolescents and adults, individually or together as parents, couples or families.

Sessions last 50 minutes. Parents can consult together or alone, whatever their status is, partner or spouse. Parenthood can also be a personal matter.

With some children and adolescents, a cognitive assessment may be suggested in order to better understand personal resources and abilities.

|| Consultation — Punctual counseling

I am quite flexible and open to understanding together your demands and expectations. I may, after one session or two, recommend another approach and refer you to another professional. My experience in the area allows me to give adequate referrals using my enlarged  personal network.

|| Learning self hypnosis

Another aspect of the consultation, based on my experience in clinical hypnosis, is learning how to manage stress and how to improve concentration through the learning of self hypnosis. This applies to students during exam periods or to anyone having to lead meetings, or show clarity and efficiency in specific public speech situations or presentations. Hypnosis is not used as a therapy and does not apply to everybody, but in a vast majority gives tools to improve stress induced issues.


|| Parents of adolescents workshops

Workshops can be organised according to the demand. Based on an Australian program Resourceful Adolescent program for Parents (RAP-P) for which I am an accredited facilitator and trainer. These workshops are conceived to help parents build on their own resources as well as improve self-confidence to manage and promote harmony within the family. Discussions between parents do facilitate the understanding that “you are not alone in the struggle” and lifts the veil of isolation.


|| Training of RAP-A for professionals (Resourceful Adolescent Program – Adolescents)

Trainings for teachers, school leaders and other professionals on how to conduct RAP-A workshops are available on demand.