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Anne Lazarus is a psychologist with an F.S.P psychotherapist specialization


About Anne

I am a psychologist specialised in psychotherapy with a F.S.P accreditation (Swiss Federation of Psychologists), mandatory in Switzerland to practice and lead psychotherapies, as well as being registered with health insurances (Santésuisse).

Confidentiality and data protection is applied following our code of ethics.

I work in English as well as in French.

I graduated from the University of Geneva, in psychology "expérimentale et génétique" (Piaget) with a post-graduate diploma in social psychology. I then pursued a second post-graduate  diploma in clinical psychology.

Some years later, I undertook a training in systemic psychotherapy at the Centre d’Etude de Famille, CEF - CHUV, Lausanne (with Nicolas Duruz, Amilcar Ciola, Nahum Frenck, Ian Frank, Alexandra Duc Marwood, among others).


I worked as an assistant teacher at the University of Geneva, as a school psychologist in the public education sector and spent over 30  years in a large international school  where I coordinated the psychological services of one campus  (1700 students: K to year 13).

Working within an international environment, I widened my understanding of numerous cultures and respect of individual values, especially around the challenges caused by changes and expatriation.

In 2018, I moved on to join an existing group of professionals: “Consultation de La Côte”, established in Nyon since 2004.